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TradingAnalysis.com is a provider of actionable market analysis and trade signals in the trading markets, as well as a provider of educational courses.

Third Party Add-Ons

TOS Study Library Pack 1

TradingIndicators.com ThinkOrSwim™ Study Library – Pack 1

  • Part 1 (Studies A-F) from the ThinkOrSwim™ Study Library, now on MotiveWave!
  • This package contains 70+ studies from ThinkOrSwim™
  • Unlocks the full power of ThinkOrSwim™ on your MotiveWave platform

More info on Trading Indicators ThinkOrSwim™ Study Library-Pack 1

TradingIndicators.com ThinkOrSwim™ Study Library – Pack 2

  • Part 2 (Studies G-Q) from the ThinkOrSwim™ Study Library, now on MotiveWave!
  • This package contains 90+ studies from ThinkOrSwim™
  • Unlocks the full power of ThinkOrSwim™ on your MotiveWave platform

More info on Trading Indicators ThinkOrSwim™ Study Library-Pack 2

Session VWAP 1.1

TradingIndicators.com Session VWAP 1.1

Trade Futures and Stocks with volume-weighted support and resistance levels

More info on Trading Indicators Session VWAP 1.1

TradingIndicators.com Candlestick Premium 1.2

Trade smarter by visualizing and analyzing multiple candlestick patterns

More info on Trading Indicators Candlestick Premium 1.2

TradingIndicators.com Murrey Math Lines 1.0

Trade overbought, oversold, reversal and range levels

More info on Trading Indicators Murrey Math Lines 1.0

Connors RSI

TradingIndicators.com Connors RSI 1.0

Identify overbought and oversold conditions using a unique blend of traditional RSI, trend duration and momentum

More info on Trading Indicators Connors RSI 1.0

Intraday Intensity Index

TradingIndicators.com Intraday Intensity Index 1.0

Identify institutional block trades and spot trend reversals.

More info on Trading Indicators Intraday Intensity Index 1.0

OFA Add-On Module

  • Drag and Drop tools on specific ranges and swings to eliminate fixed lookback technical analysis pitfalls.
  • Volume Cluster Analysis data visualization breaks down periods into critical data points for precision entry, stop and take profit prices.
  • Dynamic logic of profiles expose range and breakout opportunities for improved market context.

More info on OFA Module

OFA AlgoX Add-On Module

Proprietary algorithmic trading interface for professional risk management and algo trading functionality with the OFA toolset. Maximize account growth with professional risk sizing based on OFA data points and chart variables.

Trade with intricate single-click algorithms
No coding required
Execution, Take Profit and Management Algos
Attach orders to OFA Variables

More info on OFA AlgoX Module

Fractal Finance Add-On Module

  • Fractal Predictor – Predicts prices with fractals and Chaos theory
  • Fractal Finance Indicators – Place the Fractal Predictor on any standard indicator to make it “PREDICT”
  • Fractal Forward Indicator – Predicts “TREND” strength
  • Fractal Finance Functions – Allows “YOU” to build custom systems and indicators
  • Fractal Oscillator – An oscillator we developed to forecast price waves
  • Predictive ADX, Momentum, RSI, and more – Easily built using the Fractal Predictor

Fractal Finance can be used standalone, or with other indicators and systems. All of the functions are accessible and allow you to build any predictive indicator.

More info on Fractal Finance Module

Trade The Fifth Roller Coaster Indicator

Stochastic/MACD Cross with Special EMA Points of Control for both Long and Short trades.

  • Entry Price
  • Stop Loss Price
  • Trade Management
  • Trailing Stop Positions
  • Get in early on a trend or Trade Long and Short as an instrument moves with a range

More info on Trade The Fifth Roller Coaster Indicator

Trade The Fifth Indicator

Trade The Fifth B.I.T.S Indicator

Breakout Intelligent Trading Signals developed through AI Machine Learning in our Cloud. The Indicator Suite is great for Stocks and Futures.

  • Signal Candles Both Long & Short
  • Automated Bias Indicator
  • Yesterday’s HLC levels and labels
  • Training Bootcamp
  • Entry & Stop Loss Prices
  • W5T Special Points of Control
  • Automatic Risk Calculator when trading Stocks

More info on Trade The Fifth B.I.T.S Indicator

VB6 indicator

VB6.systems presents the SwingIndicatorPlus

This famous, sought-after indicator has recently been coded for MotiveWave.

Start trading by making use of the power of Swing highs & lows.

More info on VB6.systems SwingIndicatorPlus

Signal Services

TradingAnalysis.com Signal Services

  • Premier Trader – US Stocks and Index Futures
  • Forex Trader – All Major Forex Pairs
  • Blockchain Trader – All Major Cryptos

More info on TradingAnalysis.com Signal Services


TradingAnalysis.com Courses

  • Elliott Wave Mastery Course
  • Fibonacci Mastery Course
  • MotiveWave Mastery Course

More info on TradingAnalysis.com Courses

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Elliott Wave International’s Free Club EWI

Get free market analysis, education and events from the world’s largest market forecasting company.  You get:

  • Instant access to reports and articles
  • Market insights you won’t find anywhere else
  • Invitations to exclusive events

More info on Club EWI

Wavy Tunnel PRO Program

An Elliott Wave Program For ALL Traders: Consistently find trades and profit in all market cycles on any time frame – finally understand where to enter and exit each trade!

The Wavy Tunnel PRO is a proven trading method that nails high probability Elliott Wave Setups to target the market cycles! Analyze the setups using MotiveWave and understand the profound interconnection between Elliott Waves, Fibonacci and Harmonics using the simple Wavy Tunnel PRO Strategy as an overlay. Find out how you can apply this Elliott-based Trading System to generate profit over and over again in all market cycles, on any time frame…without becoming a wave counting expert!

More info on Wavy Tunnel PRO Program

To Schedule a call and get more info:

Book a 30 minute session: http://vcita.com/v/jody.fxtradersedge or e-mail jody@fxtradersedge.com.


From Traders. For Traders.

Maximize your odds with our trading tools from tradingindicators.com.  We feature MotiveWave products including candlestick studies, classic indicators such as session VWAP, automated strategies, and a whole other range of products! Check out our ready-to-go and proven trading indicators and tools.  We also offer custom programming solutions at affordable prices.

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Python script for processing cryptocurrency orders through MotiveWave.

I show you the benefits of trading cryptocurrency with MotiveWave. This is part of my Elite service which you can access via my Shopify store at:

View YouTube video with more details here

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