Unable to see futures data beyond market hours


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Jun 25, 2019

I signed up for a barchart motive account and have added futures ticker to my charts. But when I see the charts, it only shows me data of the market hours, not beyond that or live data. How can I get live data or data beyond market hours in motive wave? Image of how it looks attached.


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Hi MWsaty,

Try right clicking on your chart and then selecting Show Extended Data. This will show data outside of the regular trading hours.

In regards to your live feed issue, this is completely dictated by the feed. If you are certain that you are subscribed to live data, then please contact support@motivewave.com so that we can double check your feed. At the moment, we have no issues reported with Barchart.
I have similar issues - Rithmic connection but no candles are drawn after 15:00 on MES or MNQ!!!!
There is a price change in DOM but no candle is drawn after 15:00 EST????

Everything was working fine, before.