Suggestions List 01


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Dec 11, 2020

Thanks for the last release (6.3.2)

Here are some suggestions :
  1. Streamdeck compatibility for shortcuts
  2. Search in shortcuts menu
  3. Search in parameters menu
  4. Shortcut to show or hide all indicators and same for objects
  5. Exit strategy enable/disable shortcut
  6. Possibility to assign space & enter keys in shortcuts
  7. Reset bid ask all doms
  8. Exit strategy enable/disable shortcut
  9. Wheel click for ruler shortcut
  10. Ruler scale in tick
  11. Ruler info on side
  12. Ruler in dom
  13. Volume profile : weekly Monthly
  14. Scroll bar enable/disable for time and sales
  15. Scroll bar enable/disable for dom
  16. Hide time and sales menu
  17. Ohlc for weekly, monthly, prev week, prev month
  18. Possibility to show indicators levels in dom (like vwap, ohlc...)
  19. Momentum speed in dom like in atas dom (same for time & sales to see speed)
  20. Time & sales gauge (jigsaw)
  21. IB in dom
  22. Automatic IB indicator with multi sessions
  23. Global mouse can show crosshair in dom and from dom
  24. Edit doms Line height for small screens
  25. Cumulative delta volume column in dom
  26. Pnl column and orders colum in one colum or inn price column to keep space
  27. Showing linked orders in dom
  28. Bug - If max depth enabled in doms : bid & ask sometimes are not equal numbers of rows (ex : 3 for bid and 17 for ask)
  29. Objects drawed in renko visible in minutes size chart
  30. Text in horizontal line and price in price axis
  31. Pnl in tick and %
  32. Possibility to link stop or limit to opened position and pending orders (onmouse-over little link to add stop and limit)
  33. Net day pnl in labels
  34. Time axis alert for news (text edit to assign news names)
  35. Manage indicators templates
  36. Export and share templates (indicators, charts, doms...)
  37. Gradient for volume profile (doms and charts) to easily show peaks and valleys (optimus flow plateform)
  38. Round numbers indicator (to have horizontal line at round prices like hundred and thousand or every x80-x50-x20 in chart and dom)
  39. Single print & buying and selling tails automatic detection and zones drawing in TPO indicator
  40. Moving average up and down different colors
  41. Editable daily stop alert at x$ by day
  42. Trade by trade chart in trade report graph
  43. Trade report CSV export (not only trade history)
  44. Position time in seconds in "closed positions" tab
  45. Avg trade time in metrics in second if less than a minute
  46. Metrics organized by categories and gauges
  47. Trailing stop order (not for stop loss but to execute position)
  48. Plateform sounds can be changed
  49. Superior or inferior time unity can be shown in time or interval chart and possibility to add studys for the second layer (ex : principal time 1 minute with 5 minutes in back ground with moving average) ( ex 2 : principal chart renko 2 and 1 minute in background layer)
  50. Gap detector draws zones until naked

Hope that those suggestions can inspire.



Jul 27, 2020
Huge list but very informative. I agree with most of these.

Looking forward to next update


Nov 15, 2020
47 is huge for me. I'd like the option for my exit strategy to be able to adjust depending on where my entry is with respect to price.
ie. As I get further in profit on a trade I'd like to tighten my trailstop as to not lose as much of the gains. Per the current strategy I can only set the trail stop size once in a trade with an exit strategy. This become especially problematic at night when I trade futures.


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Jul 7, 2020
41.Editable daily stop alert at x$ by day. Along with this one more to have the daily max $ loss setting in strategy panels settings.