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Hey, Thanks for the reply. Am specifically referring to Tom Demark Sequential.


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I have two indicators I have been wanting made.

1. Divergence indicator that takes reading on price and a indicator, specifically Cumulative Delta, and prints either a line on the price chart from price to price , or a symbol over/under the bar to let me know there is divergence between price and the indicator.

2. Daily Range Projection indicator. This indicator would give a couple of lines called ADN- High/Low, ADE - High/Low and ADR - High/Low. You can find exactly how it is calculated from this website. Average Daily Range - ADR Indicator - for NinjaTrader 8 - Spotlight Video (
How about fixing the Trade Manager strategy............................................
Ideally you could update the Exit Strategy to be similar to Ninja Trader with different options on how to handle a trade when in profit and when not.


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Hi, I'd like divergence cloud (green, nuetral, red) etc I would also like a MA/EMA cloud with multiple layers using both moving averages in line and cloud layer form. thank you
Hola. Saludos a todos desde Spain. Me encantaría que el volumen de barra (volume), al ponerlo en un gráfico inferior, pudiese agrandarlo ó reducirlo con la rueda del mouse en la escala de la derecha. Es esencial para la estrategia VSA. Estoy seguro de que si lo hacen (debe se fácil, hasta Tradingview lo tiene), la comunidad hispana de VSA apostará por Motivewave. Gracias y un saludo.
Very nice! More order flow and market depth indicators please!

first of all, it would be so nice if the pulling and stacking column in the DOM had a histogram.

Then indicators that show:

pulling and stacking vs. time,
average order size vs. time,
average order size at bid and ask vs. time
average order size of bid - ask vs. time,
book speed (like speed of tape, but for the limit order book instead of the executed market orders),
swing volume / swing delta / average swing order size,
hand tool delta histogram
hand tool average order size vertical histogram,
sweep detector,
market-limit order detector (see link for the spcialized market order type that is often used by institutions under the section "market order"
iceberg detector (synthetic and native),
stop detector,
absorption detector,
volume / delta divergence detector,
book pressure for different market depths (how many orders on each side of the book by levels).
volume profile that automatically starts at market swings.
zero print markers.
unfinished auction markers
volumetric candles (thickness changes with volume)
Another thing would be a currency strength meter. Ideally something that can also used for indexes or commodities.
Indicators I wish will be present in future updates of MW are DEMARK indicators. In his book "the new science of technical analysis" he also refers to elliott wave
Please improve on PointNFigure. Right now it is not manually customizable. Also, to rely on ATR alone is a joke.

Demark Indicators espescially Sequence Counter as in ThinkorSwim
Would be a great feauture to update automatically the data from yahoo finance. So simply by right clicking on the symbol on the quote sheet, could add an update command. So the platform automatically download the symbol csv file and imports data overwriting on the existing symbol.
Hi everyone

Could you please tell me if it is possible to do Trade Simulation with the Community plan?.

It would be nice if the Pitchfork tool can plot all 10 types of of pitchforks, i.e.:


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