feature request: super resolution trend line registration


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Apr 2, 2021
Trend lines sometimes work spectacularly well, to the tick, if drawn precisely. What I find myself doing every time when I draw a trend line (using the magnet) is: zoom in to each point separately in order to get a precise registration to the peaks. The reason is that the candle that created the peak is not precisely at the opening time point of the larger candle that one sees when zooming out (which is a round number).

For example the larger candle might open 9:30 and close 10:00, but the peak actually occurred at 9:56. If we zoom in, the line will start at 9:30 and not at 9:56 and is therefore off by 26 minutes.

It would be nice if Motivewave had a feature (that can be switched on and off maybe) where a trendline would be precisely registered to the peak of the finest possible timeframe. This should also work for channels and so on. I attached some images below to demonstrate what I mean.

P.S.: Occasionally doing this super resolution trend line registration might cause the trend line to be out of place by a few pixels on the higher timeframe, because the peak was actually on a non-round time point. This is why it should be possible to switch the feature on or off, in order to avoid user confusion / the user thinking there is a bug in the software.