Feature Request: DOM Delta Volume highlight function


New member
Jun 5, 2022
1) Would it be possible to add a user defined highlight setting under the Dom preferences -> Volume -> next to Delta Vol Align. This setting would either highlight the cell or outline the cell, when X number of contracts have traded at that price level. This should help in spotting icebergs at that level.

2) The opening range dom setting is wonderful, but could the open price not be included in that range? I tried to highlight it a different color within the opening range and it did not work for me. It could be user error. If not, would it be possible to exclude that price from being shaded the same color as the opening range?

3) Could a user defined highlight feature be added to the bid and ask column that would highlight X amount of limit orders? This way when quickly scrolling the DOM, my eyes could catch that price level or if a large order flashes then is taken away, maybe my eyes could see the flash to see what price that order could possibly be placed.

4) On the ticker tape, can the scroll option be disabled or stationary. I use that as a quick guide for a few things and with it scrolling my eyes always have to dart around to find what I'm looking for.

Many thanks,