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  1. heispark

    Advantage Futures with Rithmic supported?

    I think MW is FCM independent but I want to double check. Does MW support Advantage Futures with Rithmic? I will trade exchange supported spread in this FCM. (I know MW supports exchange supported spread trading using Rithmic.) Thanks
  2. heispark

    Connection Fail pop-up message box

    When MW was disconnected (due to wifi interruption,... etc.) I often find it late. It would be great if MW displays a pop-up message informing connection failure. By the way, it seems even if wifi comes back online, MW doesn't come back automatically. I have to reconnect it manually. Is this a...
  3. heispark

    Cumulative Delta Reset

    Bookmap's cumulative delta doesn't reset when market opens. Why MW has to do this? It's very inconvenient and it makes overlaid indicators inaccurate. As Bookmap did it already, you can do it as well!
  4. heispark

    One Click Trade toggle button

    A hypothetical scenario: My laptop is currently in screen save mode or is turned off. I clicked mouse button to turn on the screen. Unfortunately, my mouse was accidentally clicked on 'Close' button on Open Position page or Buy Market button on Order tab.... What the F****!! 😨 We need 'One...
  5. heispark

    Analysis and Template... so confusing..... :-(

    I've never thought my IQ is low but analysis and template feature in MW is so confusing to me.... Perhaps because I'm used to MT4 style simple template. Thinkorswim has a similar dual system but it's not as confusing as MW's. Am I the only one feeling like this? 🥴
  6. heispark

    Please update online User Guide

    It's still for v5. Please update it to the latest v6 reflecting recent changes. It will also help you reduce email inquires from users. :)
  7. heispark

    More Bar Types

    It would be great if we have more bar types. For example, TradingView provides the following types: I know Renko and Range Bar are already supported. Some people may be interested in Line Break and Kagi chart. Thanks
  8. heispark

    Bid/Ask columns suggestion

    Just a small suggestion..... How about adding an option to put both columns in a single side to save screen space. It's a big waste of space. If I have wider bar, I can see MBO details more easily. I attached a sample from Bookmap for your reference: Thanks :)
  9. heispark

    Question: Bid/Ask bar color in DOM

    Hello, Since I changed data feed from CQG to Rithmic, I see the Bid/Ask bar color in DOM displays in different strip color. (In CQG, they displayed in solid color). What does this color difference mean?
  10. heispark

    Server Side OCO

    When I use CQG feed (through AMP Futures) and place OCO bracket orders in MW, are they server side OCO? As far as I know CQG supports server side OCO. And how about Rithmic? I heard Rithmic didn't support server side OCO in 3d party platforms but not sure if it's still true...... 🤔
  11. heispark

    Order Preset Bug?

    Set to 1 contract. But Limit order shows still 3. Oh, it's really buggy product................ 😩 Limit Orders and Order Preset have lots of issues. You may want to check them again. I post a video from Sierra chart. Is this that much difficult to implement? It's kinda common sense to...
  12. heispark

    VWAP STD Deviation in 6.0B3E

    Compared with TradingView and Thinkorswim and it looks quite different..... Who's correct? 🤔 /NQ 5min charts:
  13. heispark

    Mouse wheel sensitivity issue in chart zoom in/out (Mac)

    When I use iMac and its Apple mouse, chart zoom in/out sensitivity using mouse wheel is not very smooth. Because of this issue, I use + / - key to zoom in/out charts instead of mouse wheel. TradingView and JForex have no this issue. You may want to have a look. Thanks The mouse I use:
  14. heispark

    Visibility issue in Harmonics patterns

    As you can see in the picture below, it's difficult to identify the numbers under Light Grey background. There's no option to change the color of those numbers either. I think the color of the numbers should be same as the line color (in this example, Green). Is this a bug?
  15. heispark

    Feature Request: Draggable SL/TP setting in Limit Order

    Hello, This is the feature already available in JForex. Once I placed a limit order I can visually setup/adjust SL/PT orders of this limit order by dragging its line. Yes, we have bracket order preset option in MW but when I want to place SL/TP orders of a limit order around major swing points...
  16. heispark

    Feature request to Stop Loss & Profit Take order

    Along with tick difference from the entry point, it would be great if SL and PT orders shown in the chart can display dollar amount as well. It will help traders easily identify how much money they can make or lose when SL or PT order hits without manual calculation. This feature is available in...