Analysis Files

MotiveWave stores analysis information in an Analysis File. This is a completely different entity than a Chart which is aView of one or more analysis files.
This is an important distinction and is fundamental to the underlying design of MotiveWave. While this concept may seem a little confusing at first, it has numerous advantages:

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  • Saved Between Sessions – The analysis may be saved and retrieved after the chart is closed.
  • Alternate Analyses – Alternate analyses on the same instrument can be created and maintained simultaneously.
  • Share with other People – The analysis may be exported and shared with someone else.
  • Viewed at Different Time Frames – The same analysis may be opened by multiple charts and viewed in different time frames simultaneously.

The following diagram illustrates the relationship between charts and analysis files. Each Instrument may have multiple analysis files which are saved in the local database. When you open a chart, you are opening an analysis file. MotiveWave allows you to open an analysis file by more than one chart at the same time. Changes made in either chart are immediately synchronized so you don’t have to worry about over writing your modifications.

Analysis Files and Charts

Click on the following links to learn more about creating and maintaining analysis files: